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Private photoshoot package with a professional photographer

Regardless of whether you are coming to Japan for the first time, or you’re an obsessed Japan lover, this intimate, private photoshoot package will be a unique experience to enhance your treasured memories to our beautiful city of Kanazawa.  You will be taken to the city’s most beautiful places, guided by a local English-speaking professional photographer.  During the day I will capture your magical moments in Kanazawa, leaving you free to take in the sights without worrying about the best angles and light, or asking a stranger to take your picture!  I am experienced in portrait and travel street photography, and my work has been published in many magazines, guidebooks including Lonely Planet and the city guides of tourism boards. A day out with me ensure you will have a knowledgeable, funny, local professional photographer, and Insta-worthy travel photos will be guaranteed!

Places for backdrops

Kenrokuen Garden

Kenrokuen is justifiably classified as one of Japan's ‘three most beautiful landscape gardens’. The spacious grounds used to be the outer garden of Kanazawa Castle, constructed by the ruling Maeda family over a period of nearly two centuries.  Kenrokuen features a variety of flowering trees which provide the garden with different aspects and features depending on the season. No matter what time of year, you won’t want to miss a visit to this magnificent, quintessential Japanese garden. 

Kenrokuen garden in Summer Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do
Kenrokuen Garden winter Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do

Kanazawa Castle

Kanazawa Castle was the seat of the Maeda Clan’s power over the Kaga Domain, which was the wealthiest han, or fiefdom, in Edo period Japan. The castle's thick outer walls still stand ranked and angled like a massive ziggurat, while in its day the Ni-no-maru (second bailey) residence was so expansive that it was known as the Palace of 1,000 Tatami Mats. 

Kanazawa castle cherry blossom Spring Kanazawa TK photography tour things to doIMG_1145.JPG
Kanazawa castle cherry blossom Spring Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do

Higashiyama chaya teahouse district

Chaya is a traditional place of feasts and entertainment, where Japan’s famous geishas  have been entertaining people through dances and playing traditional musical instruments since the Edo period. Higashiyama is the biggest chaya district in Kanazawa, and provides the opportunity for a glimpse into Japan’s rich cultural past.

Higashi chaya cherry blossom TK photography tour things to do
Higashi chaya Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do

Nagamachi Samurai house district

Nagamachi was a samurai district located at the foot of the former Kanazawa Castle, where samurai and their families used to reside, close enough to be ready to protect and defend the castle from marauding invaders. The area preserves a historic atmosphere with its remaining samurai residences, earthen walls, private entrance gates, narrow lanes and water canals, perfect for those shots of Japan’s most famous by-gone era.

Nagamachi Samurai house Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do

Nishi chaya teahouse district

Similar to Higashiyama chaya district, Nishi chaya offers the experience of traditional places of entertainment and dining in a uniquely Japanese setting, but is less crowded compared with the more famous eastern district.

Nishi chaya Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do

Kanazawa train station

Kanazawa Station is no ordinary train station!  Famous for its imposing Tuzumimon gate and contemporary Omotenashi dome, Kanazawa Station provides an awe-inspiring architectural backdrop for your travel photos. At 13.7 metershigh, Tuzumimon gate is supported by two thick pillars, and is designed to evoke the image of the tsuzumi - the drums played by hand in Noh theater and Kaga Hosho performances, for which Kanazawa is well-know.  

Kanazawa train station TK photography tour things to do

Kanazawa night view spot

Surrounded by mountains to the east, and the ocean to the west, Kanazawa is a thriving city by day and night. A beautiful cityscape can be captured atop Utatsuyama mountain, although this spot offers the best views of Kanazawa at sunset, with stunning night views of the city lights

Night view Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do

Kyu Takamineke Japanese historical house

Kyu Takamineke is a historical house formerly owned by Jokichi Takamine in 19th century. Jokichi Takamine was a well-known scientist famous for his discovery of adrenalin, and made fortune in the United States. This house is often used for Kimono photography and private tea ceremonies known as Chado, Sado, or Chanoyu.

Tatami room Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do
Japanese garden cherry blossm Kanazawa TK photography tour things to do

Private Photoshoot package itinerary

Select one of these 4 itineraries visiting your choice of Kanazawa’s most famous sites. Each itinerary can be personalized to suit your group’s preferences and pace.  Alternatively, if you’d like to design your own unique itinerary, please contact us.  Prices upon request.  Max number of guests - 7 (5 adults 2 children)

1. Kanazawa private half day + Photoshoot session

Higashiyama teahouse district - Shima teahouse museum - Kanazawa castle

- Kenrokuen garden


Duration 3 hours     

¥29,800 per group (1-2 guests)

¥39,800 per group (3-4 guests)

¥49,800 per group (5-7 guests)

2. Kanazawa private full day + Photoshoot session

 Higashiyama teahouse district - Kazuemachi teahouse district - Omicho market -

Nomura Sumurai residence - Oyama Jinja shrine - Gyokusenin Maru garden - Kanazawa castle - Kenrokuen garden


Duration 6-7 hours 


¥42,800 per group (1-2 guests)

¥52,800 per group (3-4 guests)

¥62,800 per group (5-7 guests)

3. Kanazawa by Night + Photoshoot session

Higashiyama teahouse district - Kazuemachi teahouse district - Nezumitamon gate - Oyama shrine - Gyokusenin Maru garden illumination - Utatsuyama mountain


Duration 2.5 hours

¥33,800 per group (1-2 guests)

¥43,800 per group (3-4 guests)

¥53,800 per group (5-7 guests)

4. Professional Engish-speaking photographer on demand


1 hour session - ¥28,000

2 hour session - ¥40,000

1 hour night session - ¥36,000

2 hour night session - ¥49,000

Professional English-speaking photographer will meet you anywhere in Kanazawa for 1 hour or 2 hour photo session.

If you wish to hire Kimono, we can guide you to book at one of Kimono shops in Kanazawa.

Just relax and we will capture your magical moments!

Additional Info

  • As we only run private photoshoot package and we are very flexible. We can customise your personalised day out so please feel free to ask any option.

  • The duration can vary depending on your pace, and we are happy to accommodate your group’s preferred timing. 

  • Please do not bring large bags. Less is more when it comes to the photoshoot session.

  • 100% of cancellation will apply if cancellation made less than 24 hours before the start time.

  • Pick up from your accommodation can be arranged if the service is not included in the tour (max 7 guests).

  • As many of the sites we visit are historical, we cannot guarantee disabled access.  We recommend a moderate level of mobility and fitness.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss your requirements.  

  • TK Photography Kanazawa will take all due care, but accept no responsibility for any accident or injury during the tour, or for loss or damage to any property.  We recommend all tour participants hold adequate travel insurance to cover you in the case of accident or injury, and loss or damage. 

© TK Photography Kanazawa

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