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Things to do at night in Kanazawa Japan

Hi! I am a local professional photographer in Kanazawa. If Kanazawa is in your itinerary I will share my local knowledge and tips to enhance your experience in the beautiful old city! If you would like to visit these spots with ease, take the night tour with us.

1. Utatsuyama mountain

Utatuyama mountain can be reached on foot if you stay near Higashiyama district. This 141m high mountain offers stunning view of Kanazawa downtown from the viewing platform.

Can be hard to get to at night so taxi is recommended.

2. Higashiyama teahouse district

Higashiyama is one of the most popular destinations in Kanazawa, beautifully preserved historical area with many historical houses established 200 years ago as an entertainment district for rich merchants and nobility. In the day time there will be a lot of tourists however in the night it becomes surprisingly quiet. You can stroll the area and feel the history of Kanazawa.

3. Gyokusenin-Maru Garden

Gyokusenin-Maru Garden is adjacent to Kanazawa Castle park. This beautiful garden originally built in 1634 offers light up show from sunset to 9pm on Friday, Saturday and a day before public holidays. One of the best photo opportunities at night in Kanazawa.

4. Oyama shrine

Oyama shrine was originally established in the Utatsuyama area of Kanazawa in 1599 then moved to its current location in 1873. The shrine is dedicated to the spirits of Kanazawa's sumurai Lord Toshiie Maeda and his wife Omatsu. Beautifully lit up Dutch influenced front gate which was built in 1875 cannot be missed.

5. Katamachi/Tatemachi dining area

Kanazawa will never leave you hungry! Kanazawa has one of the largest number of restaurants/bars per capita in Japan. Visit Katamachi or Tatemachi area for dining, bars, cafe, Karaoke or live music. There are a lot of restaurants and bars in alleyways too. My tip is not to eat too much at one place and try several restaurants and bars which is called "Hashigo" in Japanese. If you miss your county food there are lots of non Japanese restaurants too. It is fun to try Japanese version of your local cuisine!

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